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May 29, 2011

Air Jordan III Retro “True Blue” Review at Exit 36

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Back-to-back reviews? Indeed! Today, I have a preview of the “True Blue” Air Jordan III Retro, courtesy of Exit 36 in the Americana Manhasset. Enjoy the video! And remember to subscribe to the Sole Camp YouTube page!

December 27, 2010

Top Sneakers of 2010: 5. Air Jordan VI Retro “Infrared Pack”

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Air Jordan VI Retro "Infrared Pack"

Air Jordan VI Retro "Infrared Pack"

On the eve of the “Infrared Pack” release, there was no doubt that it was the “Space Jam” release all over again. Hype for this set of two Air Jordan VI Retros was through the roof, and for good reason. When rumors of the pack first appeared, people considered it as fantasy, especially because the White/Infrared Air Jordan VI had never seen a retro release. As Jordan Brand news for 2010 was released, and plans to release Black/Varsity Red and White/Varsity Red Air Jordan VI Retros were revealed, more doubters came along. Dismayed with the different shade of red, the purists still hoped for the pack. As April rolled around, the purists’ wishes were granted, as a tag picture confirmed the “Infrared Pack” release. Many things made this a hot release. For one, OG Jordan heads got a long-awaited second chance at the White/Infrared Air Jordan VI. In addition, more recent Jordan heads who were not satisfied with the Black/Varsity Red VI got a shot at the sleek Black/Infrared VI. What’s there not to love about original Air Jordan VI colorways re-releasing? Even though the Black/Infrared pair was not completely true to form (thanks to the use of suede over nubuck), the previous question was in the minds of the huge amount of Jordan fans that lined up for the release. The pack sold out everywhere within hours. To think that a set of two shoes ($310) sold out in such a short time is incredible. It’s one thing for a shoe to sell out. It’s a whole other for a three hundred dollar product to sell out in such a short timespan. Not to mention presentation on this release was great on Jordan Brand’s part. The tinted bags that the shoes came in gave an ode to the collector, as the bags were meant to preserve the condition of the shoes. Nice touch, in my opinion. For all of the reasons above (the most primary being that it was quite the hot release), the Air Jordan VI Retro “Infrared Pack” gets the number 5 spot on Sole Camp’s Top Sneakers of 2010 list. Look back here tomorrow for the number 4 pick.

December 24, 2010

Top Sneakers of 2010: 10. Air Jordan III Retro “Doernbecher”

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Air Jordan III Retro "Doernbecher"

Air Jordan III Retro "Doernbecher"

Starting off our countdown, we have one of the most sought-after Jordans of 2010: the “Doernbecher” III. Even before 2010 started, Jordan Brand and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital set the bar high for the Doernbecher Jordan Retro for 2010 by releasing the “Doernbecher” Air Jordan VI Retro, laden with a lush blue suede upper with red and gold accents. For this year, people were expecting great things for the collaboration. And my, the two entities surely delivered. Even after the first news released of a red, black, and metallic silver “Doernbecher” Air Jordan III Retro, people went crazy. When pictures of the shoe finally leaked out, many were satisfied. The rest? Hypnotized by the shoe’s beauty after a few more pictures revealed all of the shoe’s details. Honestly, I must agree with the masses: Doernbecher and Jordan Brand straight killed it! There are so many great details on the “Doernbecher” III Retro! First of all, the symbols and patterns on the shoe give a nice tribute to Cole Johanson, the boy in Doernbecher Children’s Hospital that helped with the design of the shoe. Honestly, though, besides for the actual colorway, I think that two things sealed the deal for many, both of which had never appeared on an Air Jordan III until this release: 3M layering and a translucent sole. Separately, each of those details can make a shoe. To put them together, and even furthermore, put them together on an Air Jordan III is incredible. Does it get more incredible? Yes. After people processed all of the details on the actual shoe, I am sure some forgot the great cause behind it. All of the proceeds from the “Doernbecher” Air Jordan III Retro would go towards the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, the shoe’s release was quite limited, as it only released at Nike-owned stores, like Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer, Nike Roosevelt Field, and Niketowns around the country. From the looks of how the releases went, though, it looks like distance did not stop anyone. The “Doernbecher” III Retro sold out everywhere just about upon release. When the shoe restocked at some Niketowns, it sold out within hours. With that, it is definitely right to say that the “Doernbecher” Air Jordan III Retro was popular among many (if not all) Jordan fans and sneakerheads alike. Thus, it gets the number 10 spot on Sole Camp’s Top Sneakers of 2010. Check back soon for the number 9 sneaker of 2010.

Nike Zoom Kobe VI Update

In addition to the several LeBron 8 V2 colorways that have been revealed recently, the Zoom Kobe VI has had its share of reveals.

Nike Zoom Kobe VI “LA”

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "LA"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "LA"

One of Kobe Bryant’s many privileges is that he plays basketball in one of the most scenic places in the nation, Los Angeles. The relaxing scenery of LA is what inspired this colorway of the Zoom Kobe VI. The shoe’s upper is mainly royal blue, and has graphics of a clear Los Angeles sky and palm trees, to signify how relaxing LA is. In addition, the “LA” Zoom Kobe VI has a barely-visible black swoosh, an orange Kobe insignia, and a translucent outsole. Rumors that the shoe is for the All-Star Game have been spreading around, but nothing is confirmed yet (Picture via Marqueesole).

Nike Zoom Kobe VI “Glass Blue”

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Glass Blue"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Glass Blue"

This might just be the craziest colorway on a Kobe shoe ever. The “Glass Blue” Zoom Kobe VI (whose actual colorway is Dark Grey/Glass Blue/Vibrant Yellow/Chrome) has already received much praise for its “Skate or Die”-like look added onto the already out-there Zoom Kobe VI model. The shoe itself has a dark grey colored upper, covered by chrome “scales,” a vibrant yellow swoosh and insignia, and a glass blue heelcup and laces. The “Glass Blue” Zoom Kobe VI also has orange lining, a bright glass blue midsole, and a vibrant yellow and speckled clear outsole. This Zoom Kobe VI has already hit retailers in China, so expect a stateside release sometime soon. (Picture via HoopChina).

Now Releasing: Nike Zoom Kobe VI ID

Strike Fear.

The Nike Zoom Kobe VI hits Nike ID!

Like its predecessor, the Zoom Kobe VI has arrived on Nike ID to accompany the release of it’s first colorway (which hits stores on Sunday). In addition to the options for the Zoom Kobe VI out right now (which includes colored translucent soles) Nike ID will soon add camouflage print and gradient shading. You can create away now on Nike ID.

November 17, 2010

Nike SB Dunk Low Premium “Yellow Curb”

Nike SB Dunk Low "Yellow Curb"

Nike SB Dunk Low "Yellow Curb"

Remember this Dunk Low? I showed you all the “Yellow Curb” Dunk Low for the first time over six months ago. At that time, it was slated for Holiday 2010. Well, for the concern of the sneaker release season, Holiday 2010 is here. The “Yellow Curb” Dunk Low will release next month. With pictures of the shoe in its materialized form now available, details on its vast array of materials can now be confirmed. Here’s a rundown. Black mesh makes up the shoe’s collar and toebox. The shoe’s eyestay is made of leather, and more specifically, the toe area has the infamous cement print found first on the Air Jordan III. The “Yellow Curb” Dunk Low is the first Nike SB Dunk Low since Supreme’s collaborative Dunk Lows with Nike SB released in 2002! Griptape material can be found on the shoe’s midpanel and swoosh. The latter also has a plastic underlay. The shoe’s ankle strap is made of patent leather, and also includes cement print. A yellow curb insignia is included by the shoe’s ankle area. One last defining factor on the shoe is its midsole. The midsole of this Dunk Low has an enlarged cement print. Pretty nice touch, if you ask me! If you really like the ‘Yellow Curb” Nike SB Dunk Low, then start saving your money up now, as it will release in December. Check additional pictures of the shoe below, courtesy of Warped.

September 9, 2010

Now Releasing: Nike Zoom Huarache TR Mid “Flash”

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Nike Zoom Huarache TR Mid "Flash"

Nike Zoom Huarache TR Mid "Flash"

Tomorrow, September 10th, the Nike Zoom Huarache TR Mid will debut in stores in the “Flash” colorway. This colorway is a part of the highly anticipated “Superheroes/DC Heroes” Pack, along with the upcoming “Superman” and “Green Hornet” Zoom Huarache TR Mid colorways. The “Flashes” are made in honor of the superhero Flash, with a metallic red tonal upper, along with an orange “bootie” lining. Look out for the “Flash” Zoom Huarache TR Mid’s tomorrow at 21 Mercer, and your local Nike Sportswear retailer. In addition, check the cut for more detailed pictures of the “Flash” Zoom Huarache TR Mid’s, and a preview of the “Superman” and “Green Hornet” colorways (thanks to Sneaker News). (more…)

August 31, 2010

Nike SB Dunk Low & Dunk Mid “Street Fighter Pack”

Nike SB Dunk Low & Dunk Mid "Street Fighter Pack

Nike SB Dunk Low & Dunk Mid "Street Fighter Pack

It seems like the Dunk High has been getting all of the Nike SB Quickstrike love lately. With releases like the “Skunk,” “Thai Temple,” and “Born in the U.S.A.” Dunk High colorways, it’s safe to say that the Dunk High has become quite popular once again over 2010. Now that the Dunk Low has its fat tongue again and the Dunk Mid is now strapless, it’s time that the latter two silhouettes take some well-deserved attention from the former. Supposedly dropping in September is a Quickstrike pack release based off of the popular video game series “Street Fighter.” The pack will consist of a Dunk Low, Dunk Mid, and a Zoom Paul Rodriguez 4 High. At this time, not much is known about the P-Rod 4. As for the others, we have some information for you. The Dunk Low takes its colorway from the female fighter Chun Li. The shoe is dressed in a blue suede and nylon upper, with gold stitching and white accents all around. A gum sole finishes the shoe off nicely, in my opinion. As you take a look in the shoe’s insole, besides for seeing the black lining on the shoe, you’ll also see a black and white picture of Chun Li on the insole. The Dunk Mid gets inspiration from the “cover boy” of Street Fighter: Ryu. The shoe has a primarily off-white upper, complimented with black suede (representing Ryu’s hair) and a red denim swoosh (representing his headband). Just as on the inside of the Chun Li-inspired Dunk Low, the Ryu-inspired Dunk Mid has a picture of Ryu on the insole, in the same black and white. Look for these to both hit your local Nike SB retailer sooner than later!

August 20, 2010

Air Force 1 Foamposite Black/Black

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Air Force 1 Foamposite Black/Black

Air Force 1 Foamposite Black/Black

Yesterday, on their Twitter, Nike Sportswear teased their sneakerhead following with a picture of a new colorway of the recently released Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite. On the Black/Black Air Force 1 Foamposite, the upper, strap, and lacelock go from Metallic Silver, which is used on the original Air Force 1 Foamposite to Black. This sneaker looks awesome, especially for an all-black-everything outfit (perfect for winter!), so stay tuned to Sole Camp for more information on it (if it is released).

August 13, 2010

New York City Store Report: World Basketball Festival Edition

The first annual World Basketball Festival takes over NYC! (Picture via Sole Collector)

The first annual World Basketball Festival takes over NYC! (Picture via Sole Collector)

New York City has become the home of the first annual World Basketball Festival, hosted by Nike, Jordan Brand, and Converse. Advertisements for the festival and events going down in honor of the festival all weekend long have taken over NYC. The festival has even taken over some of NYC’s finest sneaker stores, including Niketown, 21 Mercer (Nike Sportswear), Footaction (34th Street), Foot Locker (34th Street), House of Hoops (in Harlem and Roosevelt Field), and Atmos NYC, with great apparel, sneakers, and displays.

First of all, all of the aforementioned stores received tons of apparel to honor the festival. Nike released the most clothing, ranging from jerseys from different players representing each country, to t-shirts with the “Big Apple” on them, to t-shirts that match the “Borough Pack” Air Force 1′s, to t-shirts that feature some of Nike Basketball’s star players, such as Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant, on them. Jordan Brand also released shirts with their branded athletes, like Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony, on them, but in addition, Jordan Brand released many shirts in their signature colors (White, Black, and University Blue), with one set that honors the different boroughs of the city (and Harlem), and another set which features the now-signature phrase “For the Love of the Game”. Jordan Brand also released t-shirts to specifically match the “Un-Powder” Air Jordan IX and the “Olympic” Air Jordan VII. In contrast, all that Converse released were some pretty simple t-shirts that say “I (converse symbol) NYC”.

In addition to the clothing, all three companies released great sneakers in honor of the festival, which are available at various stores in the aforementioned ones. As you probably already know, Nike Sportswear released the “Borough Pack” Air Force 1′s in honor of the festival. However, they also released the Country Pack Air Force 1′s, a set of five Air Forces each honoring the five countries taking part in the World Basketball Festival, at Niketown NYC and 21 Mercer. Instead of releasing new colorways of classics like Nike Sportswear did, Nike Basketball decided to debut two brand new sneakers just in time for the World Basketball Festival. First off is the Hyperdunk 2010, which weighs half an ounce less than it’s predecessor, and is all about stability, mobility, and support, with it’s ankle openings, flywire, and Nike Zoom technology. In addition, Nike Basketball debuted the Hyperfuse, which uses Nike’s new and innovating ventilation technology along in a lightweight shoe with supportive cushioning. Nike Basketball released many coloways of these two sneakers, including colorways of each sneaker representing each country in the World Basketball Festival. Also, both Nike Basketball and Jordan released “United We Rise” colorways of their main athletes’ sneakers, the Zoom Kobe V and Lebron Zoom Soldier IV, and the Air Jordan 2010 Team, CP3.III, and Melo M6 Future Sole, respectively. While the “United We Rise” Jordans are pretty cool, the main set of shoes Jordan Brand released in honor of the World Basketball Festival was the “For the Love of the Game” pack, which my brother recently updated you guys on. This set includes University Blue colorways of the Alpha 1 Outdoor, 2010 Outdoor, and the Pre-Game XT, in addition to the fast-selling “Un-Powder” Air Jordan IX and “Olympic” Air Jordan VII. Converse released many colorways of the Starplayer Evo in honor of the festivities.

Finally, in addition to product launches, the World Basketball Festival has initiated the opening of a few displays in Harlem. All together, Nike, Jordan Brand, and Converse have unveiled “The Ball Room”, a pop-up museum (open through August 29th) honoring the past and present of basketball, through jerseys and sneakers. Some of the famous sneakers on display there include the Chuck Taylor, the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1, the Nike Blazer, and the “Royal” Air Foamposite One. House of Hoops also unveiled the University Blue collection of Jordans 1-2010. However, the best display belongs to Atmos NYC, which was blessed by Jordan Brand with enough supply to become a Jordan pop-up shop during the World Basketball Festival. The store overall is a must to check out for any Jordan Brand fan, but some of the most notable parts about it are it’s various displays, which include a “For the Love of the Game” Jordan Motorsports motorcycle, and a lasered version of the University Blue Jordan collection.

If I were you, I would try and check out all of the stores I mentioned in the post. In addition, here are links to some of the special displays in the stores for the World Basketball Festival and links to NikeStore and where most of the apparel and kicks are being sold as well:

Foot Locker NYC Display (via Sneakernews)

NikeTown NYC Display (via Sneakernews)

The Ball Room (via NiceKicks)

“For the Love of the Game” University Blue Collection at House of Hoops in Harlem (via Sneakernews)

Atmos Jordan Pop-Up Shop (via SneakerNews)

Lasered University Blue Collection (via Sneakernews)

World Basketball Festval on NikeStore

World Basketball Festival on Converse

August 11, 2010

What You’ve Missed: Nike SB Summer Releases

Two month beginnings have passed since I went to Andover. That means that you guys have missed two months of Nike SB releases. It’s time I catch you up!

Nike SB July 2010 Releases

Nike SB July 2010 Releases

Nike SB July 2010 Releases

July brought some pretty big changes in the Nike SB line of shoes. First, July marked the release of the first strapless Dunk Mid, in a Sport Red/Black colorway. Even better, July brought the return of the Dunk Low fat tongue. While the sample version of the “Chrome Ball Incident” Dunk Low (deemed such as its designer is Neil Blender, owner of the famous skate blog) pictured above featured red lining and a skinny tongue, the production version got rid of the red lining and added a fat tongue! In addition to these Dunks, the “Chrome Ball Incident” Dunk High released in the beginning of July. If you can remember back a few weeks ago, Dylan actually reviewed the shoe into depth. Other cool shoes that were released in July include a classic Black/White colorway of the Blazer CS with a gum sole, the “Joker” Zoom Omar Salazar, a green suede Zoom Stefan Janoski, and a made-for-summer White/Black Bruin.

The most special part about any month when it comes to Nike SB releases, though, is not the General Release wave, but rather, the Quickstrike release. July was no different. In patriotic spirit, the “Born in the U.S.A.” Dunk High was released in limited quantities to a select group of stores around Independence Day. This release included all three NJ Skateshop locations, but also included others, contrary to previous rumors. Later in the month, the shoe re-stocked to the locations that got them in first, and released at many other Nike SB retailers. If you can, out of all of these releases, I would definitely suggest picking up a pair of the “Born in the U.S.A” Dunk Highs! The quality of the shoe, with denim and leather covering the upper, is impeccable. With the re-stock, your local Nike SB retailer may still have a few pairs left! All of the above shoes can be bought at your local Nike SB retailer today, so go get something!

Nike SB August 2010 Releases

Nike SB August 2010 Releases

Nike SB August 2010 Releases

August has also brought a plethora of new Nike SB shoes. First, we have two new colorways of the Zoom Paul Rodriguez 2.5. The Bruin gets done up in a smooth Cappuccino colorway for this month. The now-strapless Dunk Mid receives an all-black makeup, with a hint of Aquamarine on the tongue tab. A motif for this month’s releases is skate shop collaborations. The “Poets Skate Shop” Blazer that I previewed for you guys a few weeks ago is part of the August 2010 Nike SB lineup. In addition, Rhode Island’s Civil Skate Shop collaborated with Nike SB on a Dunk High Pro that looks oddly similar to the supposed other “Chrome Ball Incident” Dunk High that I showed you all some time ago. Looks like we were mistaken with that. The star of the August 2010 releases, though, is the Zoom Stefan Janoski of the month, in a Black/Mint colorway. Due to the similarity between this Janoski’s colorway and the ever-so-popular “Tiffany” Nike SB Dunk Low, people are eating this shoe up! I mean, even I had to pick up a pair! Even with the Black/Mint Janoski in high demand, all of these shoes should be available at your local Nike SB retailer now.

Now Releasing: Nike SB Dunk High “Tecate”

Nike SB Dunk High "Tectate"

Nike SB Dunk High "Tecate"

While making a shoe based off of drugs seemed out of the ordinary for Nike SB (the “Skunk” Dunk High), an alcohol-based shoe, at this point, would not seem so odd. Nike SB has already made two alcohol-inspired Dunk Lows (the “Heineken” Dunk Low and the “Newcastle” Dunk Low), and now, they will add a Dunk High to said arsenal. This month’s quickstrike release is a Dunk High based off of the can design of Tecate, a Mexican beer. Red takes up this shoe’s eyestay, tip, and swoosh, in both red suede and red patent leather. Both the collar and toebox of the shoe are done up in a black leather, while the tongue is made of black mesh. The side panels feature the same striped gold pattern found on the Tecate can. Finally, a cream color comes into the shoe on the outsole, inner lining, and swoosh border, giving a nice touch to it. This Dunk High has started poppinh up at Nike SB retailers, so expect your local retailer to have it very soon, if not now already. (Pictures via Nike Skateboarding and Premier)

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